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Our general pest control service is designed to control the everyday bug such as; Ants, crickets, American/Oriental roaches, spiders, wasps, earwigs, pill bugs.

The following insects are NOT covered in the general pest control service:

  • Termites
  • Bed Bugs
  • Bee's
  • Rodents
  • German Roaches
  • Fleas/Ticks
  • Birds

All of these require an inspection along with a specialized service plan for that specific problem.

A Vector is an organism, typically a biting insect or tick, that transmits a disease or parasite from one animal or plant to another.

VAST PROS is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. If you are experiencing the same problem after a service, we will come back at no additional cost. We do our absolute best to make sure we are, not only meeting, but exceeding your expectations in a pest control company. If there is anything you need . We are a phone call away! 1-866-44-VASTPRO

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First, most likely, IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT! Most homes are left with small gaps that lead into the attic or wall voids during construction. They do not allow water in, which satisfies the contractors and the building code. However, rodents can squeeze through very tight areas, gaining access into your home unnoticed. Rodents are crafty and creative pests. They are natural prey and are nocturnal creatures, so most of their work is done under the disguise of the night sky. They want to remain unnoticed, because everything that notices them, wants to kill them. This being the case, you may not see or notice how they are getting into your home, you just hear them wrestling around in the attic all hours of the night. After many years of experience, we have found all different types of access points used by rodents, some obvious and others insanely creative. If they are there, we will find how they got there.

We accept all major credit cards, cash, or checks. We prefer to have payment ready for the technician at the time of the service, or save 5% and pay at the time of the inspection. You can call in at any time and make a payment over the phone, mail a check to our address, Or use the App to pay online.Download it from the Forms/App tab. We are sorry but at this time you can NOT make a payment through this website.

Contrary to belief, they are not caused by poor housekeeping. Bedbugs are typically brought into their environment on visitors clothing or luggage when they come to your home, or you stayed somewhere, such as a hotel or family members home that had them and they hitched a ride home with you. They do not crawl inside from the bushes or dirt around your home. They have to be brought inside.

Fleas and ticks are introduced into the home by allowing our pets to visit areas that are frequented by other critters that have fleas, such as, dog parks, backyards, friend/family’s homes, large open yards with overgrown grass and weeds, etc. Rats, racoons, possums, cats, and other wild animals are carriers as well. You may see these pest animals in your yard from time to time. Therefore, it is important to have an ongoing service to ensure your property maintains an elevated level of protection against these pests.


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